Thursday, June 26, 2014

To Live the Life of a Treasure Hunter

You've heard it said, "Live as though today is the first and last day of your life." But how do we put it into practice? Why is it that people who are living with a terminal disease can appreciate life so much more than those of us who go through our usual day to day existence?  What reality snaps within them that allows them to appreciate the flight of a butterfly or the strength of an ant so much more than before their diagnosis?  Is it because they are able to now appreciate the gift of life that they have been given; even if only for this moment?  The butterfly has not changed its flight, nor has the ant its stride, yet simply the perception of them has become new. I long for that kind of vision, to appreciate LIFE, every bit of it. Of course I'd prefer not  to have to come face to face with death in order to do so. But if we are truly honest, we all are terminal; we only have this moment. The next moment is a mystery, and life can change in the blink of an eye.  Yes, what a gift to see the world with the awe of a child, to capture the beauty within the mundane, to give thanks for the pain, because even in the pain there is life.  

                Lord, on our journey together, no matter how long or short it may be, please open my eyes. 
                                               I want to find it to be a beautiful view, every step of the way.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Leash of Life


 Instead of leading as she usually does during our morning walk, today little Lilly decided to walk far behind me.  As I led the way, she was easily distracted and chose to chase birds, smell the air and eat bird poop (I know yuck, right!)

     She and I both had confidence in the leash, recognizing that it would keep her connected to me. As long as I held the leash and it was attached to her, she would be kept safe.  It was her life line. The Lord showed me that we too have a life line, a leash of sorts, by way of his Holy Spirit. On those days when we just can't seem to find our way and get off course, we can be confident knowing that his Holy Spirit will somehow draw us to where we need to go. Just as I gently drew Lilly toward the lake by way of the leash, He too will draw us on his path for us by way of His Spirit.  Let's face it, if we're honest we all have days like that; days we're just taggin' along in life, unfocused and easily distracted by life's circumstances. Thankfully for those of us who have accepted the gift of God's son, Jesus, we can be certain that even on those days, we have a wonderful life line that will never leave us stranded. He will never leave us nor forsake us.

Joshua 1:5
No one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with youI will never leave you nor forsake you.

                                                                              ~GOD                             (google image)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A lesson from Lilly


I wonder if I am more like one of the little dogs I walk, than I realize. Her name is Lilly and she is a Prima Donna. Always the last one to get out of her master's bed in the morning. Each morning after I walk her brother and sister I go to her, waking her for her morning walk. She covers her sweet little face with her tiny paws as if to say, "Not now, please go away, let me sleep." I suppose here would be a good place to interject that I don't mean to say that I too am a Prima Donna! 

But walking her this morning, with her pom pom tail wagging along the way, the Lord showed me how similar we can be.
As we traveled down the path she sniffed her usual spots, always several steps ahead of me. After she "did her duty" she continued to walk farther down the path getting further ahead of me than I desired. The path is beautifully paved and winds around a quaint little lake. It's full of lots of scents and wildlife, lots of distractions for a little dog. Much like life can be for you and I.

Lilly is one who wants to be boss, always. Ahem, I'm not bossy either (Well. . . maybe sometimes.) But as I turned and began to walk in the direction toward home, I called to her, beckoning for her to follow. Lilly leaned forward puling with all her 15 lbs of force; her chest nearly resting on the ground. She was not budging. Determined to lead she leaned further in the other direction. (She does this A LOT) I called to her as lovingly as I could, but she just tugged the leash even harder, determined to walk in the way she wanted to go, paying no attention to my calls.

Lilly and I have walked for over two years now. In that time I have learned that when it comes to little Lilly, the harder I pull the harder she pulls back. Stubborn that one is. Obviously, I am much bigger than her and I could just give her one big yank and send her flying back in my direction. (Believe me I have been tempted.) But that could seriously hurt her. So I gently let up on the leash, giving her some slack, allowing her to walk the way she has decided to go. Once she is no longer focused on getting her own way I am then able to get her attention. I call her name, squat down, clap my hands and she comes running, happy as a lark.

This morning once again as she leaned with all her might, the Lord placed it on my heart that people are much like Lilly. We walk down the path of life often times walking ahead of God paying him little to no attention at all. Sometimes we acknowledge him but still want to lead, wanting to go in our own direction. He is such a gentleman, and He never yanks. Just as I wanted Lilly to make it safely home, He also knows the right path for us. Lilly didn't see the rain clouds and didn't know it was about to rain, but I did. God sees the clouds rising in the distance in our lives and attempts to lead his children in a different direction. Sadly, many times, just like Lilly, we too keep forging ahead, away from the one who can see us safely home. Rebellion is a dangerous thing yet always smelling attractive and looking lovely.

Just some food for thought. Have you surrendered to his leading today or are you determined to go your own way, rain and all?