Saturday, January 12, 2013

Side Stepping It


This morning as I called my dog, Bo, in from the back yard, I 

watched him trot along. He did his usual trot, not really 

wanting to obey and coming at his own pace. I watched as 

he stopped and looked to his right, listening to the dogs barking over 

the fence. I called his name. He began his side step 

once again, never walking in a straight line. His head bobbed 

to the left and to the right, his nose twitching at the various 

aromas in the air. Easily distracted. I kept calling, "Come." I 

couldn't help but think of how much that represented many 

of us. The Lord calls to us, often we come with a distracted 

heart. We trot along in life, hearing him calling us, but far to 

easily merge to the left or to the right. Thank God he is not 

as impatient with us as I was with my dog, Bo!