Saturday, February 25, 2012

Adoption Papers

I was convinced I would NOT have another pet again. After having my new custom sofa chewed to pieces and a hole torn in the middle of my handmade quilt from two half crazed dogs, I was once and for all ready to give up the title of ‘pet owner.’  And I did, for awhile.  But a year or two later standing at a local shelter a little fuzz face melted my heart. Who could resist the little tufts of fur atop of his fluffy head, and those eyes like little moons of emotion?  This mama’s hard exterior was soon made soft and before I knew it, I was once again headed for the title.


I had just gone to “look.”  “Just looking” is always a dangerous thing for our family.  If I remember correctly that is how we attained the two crazy mutts that tore through our home like a hurricane.  We love animals and my middle son had been begging me for a new puppy for quite some time. I had a moment of insanity as I found myself driving to the local no kill facility. I’m not sure what possessed me to give into the temptation to go look at dogs. It wasn’t as if I needed the added responsibility, and pets can be messy. Yet I found myself behind the wheel.

I was certain that I wouldn’t find a dog or at least deep down inside that’s what I hoped.  I told myself that if I did, I would go back home and speak with my husband.  Together, we would decide if a new edition was a wise choice for our family. But insanity doesn’t usually yield to wisdom, does it?

I saw the litter from a far, “We just got them in this week,” the owner said as he pulled out a little golden pup and placed her in my hand. She was a plump little ball of fur, and absolutely precious. As I held out my hand to receive her, the warmth of her fur called for a hug. I felt her shaking, so timid. I held her for a while watching her, talking to her, but she kept looking away. I felt a disconnect as I wondered if she could tolerate my boys’ rowdy playfulness.  As sweet as she was and though she was part golden, which was a requirement, I knew she wasn’t the one for our family. 
That’s when I saw him.  He couldn’t have been cuter!  “He’s a Border Collie / Golden Retriever mix,” the owner said handing him to me.  I was in love! I scooped him up and was immediately given the biggest puppy kiss. Can dogs smile? Absolutely! His ears perked up and his eyes begged. My hand fit perfectly around his little body and though his legs were dangling, they never stopping running.  He was a feisty little one, full of energy; a contrast from his sister, and not just in temperament but also in coloring. His fur was like tufts of duck down. A white patch covered his chest while black dominated his back; along with brindle legs and white paws.  His markings were absolutely beautiful, a treat to the eyes.
When I placed him on the floor his miniature legs took off before his feet hit the ground and his round belly plopped onto the concrete; his paws spread eagle. I smiled at the sight.  Soon the tiny pup had an audience as he scurried back and forth between prospective owners.   His tail swung to and fro in such a way that I was sure he was going to spin full circle. As others took an interest in him, I decided that it was time to claim him as my own and called him to me! Without hesitation he came running. It wasn’t long and we were headed toward home.

 On the drive home, I rehearsed what I would say to my husband. Though it took some convincing, his tender heart won out, and we celebrated our newest member of the family. It was evident that he was grateful to have a new home by the amount of kisses he gave. We were all taken in by his charm one at a time. While a couple of the children resisted his puppy breath and needle sharp teeth, I was totally smitten and couldn’t help but let love into my stubborn heart. 


Over the last thirteen years he has been by my side nearly every moment that I am home.  I have learned much from that little fuzz face. Though we both are starting to show gray, he’ll always be my sweet little “baby puppy dog.” I don’t know how much time we will have left together but he will always have a special place in my heart.  Though I brought him home with my son in mind, he is and will always be MINE.

It warms my heart to think that the Lord loves us far more than I could ever love that little fuzz face. He not only loves us but he calls us to him. The Bible tells us that He has claimed us as his own before the very foundation of the earth.  It tells of  His unconditional love for us; that while we reeked with the stench of sin, he sent his son to give his life for us, to rescue us, that we might be reconciled to Him,  his chosen ones.

We too have ‘adoption papers.’ When we accept the love of Christ and turn to him with grateful hearts, tails wagging wildly, He writes our names in the Lamb’s book of Life ready and willing to provide for our every need. 

While I could never claim to love as the Father loves, my love runs deep for the pup that has taught me much about myself and the love of God.

These are the lessons I have learned over the years about the Father's love and my devotion to him…